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Catholic Parenting Class 

Let's Get Started!

How could we not parent differently if we believe in the God who is love?

Parenting does not have to be stressful.

Me & My House Catholic Parenting classes gives you the tools, the community, the plan and the reasons to be a joyful Catholic parent. 

Get control of your schedule and your family culture in days!

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"I'm ignoring my kids so that I can get work done...

And I still can't focus on my work!

Is ANYONE able to help!?"

As if raising kids in the faith wasn't difficult enough, it suddenly got MUCH harder.

You had heard that parenting was hard but you never imagined doing it without your faith community and the friends you had come to rely on.

Now it just seems like you spend most of your time yelling, nagging and fighting battles with your kids that leave you exhausted.


You feel like you are turning into the parent you NEVER wanted to be.

"Mommy's working!"
"I don't have time right now!" 
It really seems like the only time you spend with your kids is to referee sibling rivalries, endure tantrums and suffer through noisy and chaotic interactions.

And to be honest, you are quite tired of it all.

Literally MILLIONS of parents are in the same boat as you, but don't worry, we can help.  

This REALLY Works!

"This course is practical.  Patrick gradually introduces ways to help you implement solid, Catholic teaching in your home, in raising your children, and in relating to your spouse."
- Rosa Sautner

Packed With Useful Information!

"This course is very impactful and is full – I mean really, really full! – of great ideas, tips, exercises and things to consider for your own unique family."
- Kate Taliaferro

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Me & My House is already helping parents in Canada, the United States and Australia! 

Having a peaceful and joyful home while working from home in the midst of Covid restrictions is possible. 

I know, I work from home

and I have 9 kids.

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Hi I'm Patrick Sullivan

I'm the creator of Me & My House, a Catholic parenting course designed to help you through the most difficult aspects of parenting.

Yelling, bedtime battles, messy meals, frustrating outings, you name it, my wife and I have had to deal with it all over the years.

And that's what I want to share with you. I want you to have the benefit of my experience without the pain of learning it.

It's not rocket science and you do not need to read a copious amount of books on child psychology to 'get it.'  

It's all about small habits that make a HUGE difference to your family culture.

So if you're done with disappointment and frustration, then let's turn things around together.

Sounds too good to be true but it's not. Take a look at how other Me & My House users describe some of the toughest moments of parenting.

It is not at all what you would expect.

"Every day, my four year old gives me a whole hour to work without being interrupted. And I'm not even putting him in front of the screen to get it."
"Bedtime is no longer a battle. My kids actually look forward to our nighttime routine."

"I can't believe it. I just heard my seven year old APOLOGIZE to her sibling for some slight she would normally do."

"I just had a quiet meal with my family. There was conversation and the kids actually tried using their manners. I felt like I was in a movie!"

"I took my four kids out to the store with me and not only was there no complaining but I actually got complimented by a stranger about how good my kids were."

"Unbelievable. I just caught my teenager talking about our family culture to the little ones as he played with them on his own initiative." 

""I love you mommy." That's what my daughter said to me as she was cleaning her room. I could get used to this." 

The examples could be multiplied MANY times over. But you get the picture.
The Me & My House course is helping parents everywhere to create the peaceful and joyful homes that they want.  And it can do the same for you.

Me & My House is not just helping parents correct behaviour but we're helping parents to form their kids in the faith - on any budget! 

We're in this together!

"I felt as though there was a camaraderie – a feeling as though he is in the proverbial trenches with me, rather than fighting against my approach to parenting.


Mr. Sullivan wasn’t interested in laying blame; rather, he was interested in cultivating and deepening his viewer’s intentionality toward parenting."

- Anni


It's all here for you in just one place!

"I loved that I found all of these things in just one course. From a dad who understands, and has been through it! Not just a childless child psychologist who has "all the answers.”

- Gessica Tastove

Meet Patrick's Kids - Not Actors!

  • If he can do this with his LARGE family you can too!

  • Real kids, real problems, real results!

  • You can't shock him; he has already seen it - 9 times!

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This is the highest-quality...


(This) is the highest-quality and most practical  Catholic parenting course I've ever seen.  Thank you so much for creating this spectacular program Patrick! 

Get Results You Will Absolutely Love

  • Happier and more emotionally connected kids

  • Conversations, not yelling matches

  • Time for yourself because you finally can!

Take The Guesswork Out Of Parenting

  • Easy tips and strategies you can implement tomorrow

  • Short interactive video lessons that you'll actually enjoy

  • Text and online diary to record your awesome progress

Zero Waiting - Get FULL Access Immediately

  • Jump to the section that you need the most

  • No need to complete the course in any order - it is completely up to you

  • Lessons you can implement right now and watch your family transform


I also loved...

Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 12.50.41

I also loved that, while each episode built on the last, they could easily stand alone, making them perfect for busy parents watching them in their ‘free time.’


Fostering vibrant comunities

sara-estabrooks (2).png

I think this course is a great refresher for all – and will help increase support and build a stronger, more vibrant community among Catholic families.

Be Part OF A Faith-Filled Community Of Parents

  • A Facebook Group just for parents like you - find support in a safe zone to vent, grow and make real friends

  • A weekly blog written by parents who are in the trenches with you - more tips and tricks and insights from our amazing bloggers every week

Me & My House Gives You The Tools And Concepts To Deal With...

I am so pleased with the Me & My House course. It fills a need that seems underserved in the Church – a full-orbed, integrated class on childrearing that is founded upon the faith and isn’t afraid to touch on things like habits and discipline.
- Desiree Hausam

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  • Crazy meal times

  • Disconnected schedules

  • Insincere apologies

  • Out of control media consumption

  • Your kids' questions about the Faith

  • Embarrassing family outings

  • Boredom

  • Poor Communication

  • Self-entitlement

  • Attention Craving Behaviour

  • Rule breaking

  • Bad Attitudes

  • Sibling Rivalry

  • Yelling matches

  • A lack of piety

  • Discipline

  • Name calling

  • Vicious vices

  • Temper tantrums

  • Religious celebrations

  • Explosive language

  • Unmotivated kids

  • And much more!

But that's not all.

Me & My House looks at the BIGGER picture

by helping you to establish your family culture, create your family mission and to implement House and Character Rules that will make your parenting a breeze.

Happy Mother with her Child

Learn from one of the world's leading Catholic Parenting Experts!

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Patrick has appeared on              and 
and other Catholic platforms to share his knowledge and love parenting.

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Patrick talks parenting in the media

Why is Catholic parenting different?

How can we show our kids that we love them?

What if we didn't come from families of faith? What then?

Still not sure if the Me & My House course is for you?
Build your foundations first absolutely free.

No obligations.

Just one AMAZING opportunity to bring peace and joy back into your family. 

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