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Length: 5 hours and 40 min (approx.)

Format: DVD set, Downloadable

Language: English

Me & My House is a practical game plan for Catholic parents who are struggling with all the things that parents struggle with. We challenge you to do little things. To make little changes that will make a huge impact on your family.

In this Catholic Parenting Program, you will discover the foundations that can strengthen your motherhood and fatherhood. You will learn the habits that can make parenting easier, and the habits that you absolutely want to avoid. In fact, we will get so practical that we'll discuss discipline and how to set boundaries, so that by the end of the program you will have a very clear sense of how you want to build your unique family culture with the children God has given you.

We have also included an entire section on the Faith, so that you can begin guiding your son or daughter towards God’s plan for their lives in a way that is natural and effective.

The program runtime is approximately 5 hours and 40 minutes, and comes with a Participant's Guide and Leader's Guide. 

Nihil Obstat:
Rev. Fausto Bailo
Censor Deputatus
25 September 2018

Thomas Cardinal Collins
Archbishop ofToronto
25 September 2018

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