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Parenting in Film, 

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No one denies the power of modern media. In fact, governments, artists, movements and even ideologies use its influence to sway the culture in a direction that they deem fit. This should both concern us as well as give us pause for thought about our efforts as an evangelizing Church. For just as St. Pope John Paul II said numerous times when discussing the new evangelization, it is time that we take up a new fervour, method and expression to reach the people of our time. 

In the sphere of parenting, we know that not only are authentic models lacking, but often it even seems as though the anti-parent is given prominent place. Television series after series, movie after movie highlights and normalizes parenting that is inherently destructive. In some cases, encouraging the viewers to distrust parental authority as a means to success or fulfillment of some more important mission.

Thus far in the Catholic Christian world, our response to these trends have been quite didactic. In fact, this past year alone has seen a rise in programming for Catholic parents across a variety of media, but all of it with the aim to educate parents and / or their children. And while this certainly fulfills a real need in the Church - something that we must continue to address - there can be no denying that the greatest power of modern media is still not being utilized. 

FORMED, Shalom World Media, EWTN, Salt & Light Television as well as Christian broadcasters such as Pureflix and YesTv are all looking for narratives that can help reveal the beauty of our faith and the families that live it out in a way that is compelling and real.

This is why Big Picture Catholic Evangelization is now turning its attention to video programming in an entirely different genre. By creating a 13 episode reality series about real Catholic families, we are confident that we can begin to leverage the media in a way that has not been done in decades.

The Parenting Challenge

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A reality based television series that will highlight the joys, struggles

and ultimately the gift that is family life.  

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Faithfully Catholic

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13 half hour episodes

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Filmed in the highest quality available today

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Hosted by Patrick Sullivan,

Catholic Missionary and father of nine children.

Who better to host a show on Catholic parenting than a Catholic missionary who is also a loving husband, father, creator of the Me & My House Catholic parenting program, and recognized by Catholic platforms and media around the world. 

We're not the only ones getting excited about THE PARENTING CHALLENGE just take a look at our growing list of partners

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Produced by Drew Martin.

Mighty Motion Pictures

Who better to work on this monumental project than a gifted and highly experienced producer who loves the Lord!

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With your help we can reach our goal of $800, 000

Already reached

$378, 000 remaining

To make a donation or for general inquires about THE PARENTING CHALLENGE please contact our team. 

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