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"By and large, people have forgotten what the Good News sounds like. For most, the Gospel of Jesus Christ sounds like an imposition, or a list of never ending "to-do's" or "don'ts." But I believe that the missionary preacher - the one caught up in evangelization - must make the truth beautiful once again. I travel around North America speaking to the baptized because I heard the call to stir hearts and inspire others to know, to love, and to live their Catholic faith. I am one of many that God has sent out to help rouse the faithful from their slumber."

- Patrick Sullivan

My conversion is pretty unique or at least unusual.

Take a listen and let me know what you think.

I have shared part of my story on in front of audiences big and small all over North America

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God changed my life. So now I do whatever I have to do, and go wherever I need to go to bring His people home. 

Through writing, social media  and soon this space and stay tuned for more

Ever wonder what life looks like in a Big, Missionary Family?

Thanks to our friends at Shalom World here is a peak into our world and how we strive for Holiness as a family.

Covid 19 has forced humanity into isolation, but the God of Love is waiting to help us, all we have to do is ask.

I would love to keep you updated on the  journey God has put me on

and pray for you as I find ways to evangelize in the new normal.

Life with God in the driver's seat is always an adventure, you do not want to miss this. Just fill in the form below.

God Bless 

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