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There is nowhere you can go where God can't be with you.

When a Soul Flexes

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Align your sight, with God's sight!

After Confession

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It's time to say 'enough.'


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Once you sign up for the ENOUGH challenge you will get 3 emails a week for a total of 5 weeks.

The first email of the week will encourage you to grow in your sacramental life.

The second email of the week will encourage you to grow in your catechesis.

The third email of the week will encourage you to evangelize.

Together, they will help you to build the kind of faith life that you want, a strong and vibrant one that knows what we believe, who we love and how best to bring the Gospel to others. 



Well, two reasons. FIRST, as Patrick and the team travelled around North America leading parish missions, we encountered pastors and parishioners who were frustrated with their evangelization efforts. Something just wasn't clicking, and they couldn't quite put their finger on it.

SECOND, after these very same parish missions, participants and their parishes were looking for a plan, a way to keep growing especially after what they considered such a transformative experience. How do we keep growing, building on what happened here? What a great question!

FINALLY, we wanted to help those Catholics who are sick and tired of not getting beyond Confession. They receive the graces of the Sacrament but sooner or later they fall back into the same sins out of habit. So for all of you who can say in your hearts that you have had ENOUGH of a life of sin and mediocrity, this challenge is meant to pick up the battle cry with you. 

What are many renewal attempts missing?

THE THREE PILLARS. Many parishes are great at liturgy and promoting a devotional life. Others, do fantastic work in catechesis. And more and more there are parishes turning their attention to evangelization. But the problem is that there are very few resources / programs out there that support and encourage all three. 

And YES, our efforts to renew the parish or our individual spiritual lives must encompass all three pillars if we are to grow, get stronger and be effective witnesses to the world.

The             Pillars of Renewal

Sacramental Living



This includes...

This includes...

This includes...

  • Going to Mass

  • Going to Confession

  • Reception of the Anointing of the Sick

  • Tapping in to the power of our vocations

  • Prayer

  • Reading the Scriptures

  • Adoration of the Eucharist

  • Daily Examination of Conscience

  • Devotional Reading

  • And so much more...!

  • Reading the symbols and signs of Faith

  • Learning the vocabulary of Faith

  • Studying the Bible

  • Understanding the Doctrines / Dogmas 

  • Unpacking the structure of the Magisterium

  • Reading the Church's architecture

  • Exploring Biblical figures, events & themes 

  • And so much more...!

  • The goals of evangelization

  • Barriers to sharing the Gospel

  • Using the Bible in our evangelizing efforts

  • Responding to JW's and other groups

  • Apologetics or Evangelization?

  • Strategies that work

  • Proselytism or Evangelization?

  • And so much more...!

THANKFULLY, our ENOUGH challenge follows wonderfully on our parish mission led by Patrick Sullivan, Catholic Lay Evangelist, which means of course that parishioners are not left wondering what could be if they had a plan. With the challenge, we provide the plan and we make it SUPER simple to grow where we all need it most.


ALL THAT BEING SAID, ENOUGH is not for the faint of heart. To get through the five weeks, one has to declare with the head and the heart,


"ENOUGH! I have had enough with mediocrity. I have had enough with excuses. My 'Yes' to God will finally be 'Yes!'"



- Jesus Christ

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